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A cookie is a small piece of data that’s stored on your computer, tablet, or phone when you visit a website. Most websites need cookies to work properly.

This service uses them to:

  • measure how you use the service so it can be updated and improved based on your needs
  • remember the notifications you’ve seen so that you’re not shown them again
  • temporarily store the answers you give

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How cookies are used in the Employment Tribunals service

To measure website usage

We use Google Analytics software to collect information about how you use this service. We do this to help make sure the service is meeting the needs of its users and to help us make improvements, for example improving site search.

Google Analytics stores information about:

  • the pages you visit
  • how long you spend on each page
  • how you got to the service
  • what you click on while you’re visiting the service

We allow Google to use or share our analytics data. You can find out more about how Google use this information in their Privacy Policy.

You can opt out of Google Analytics if you do not want Google to have access to your information.

List of google analytics cookies used.

Name Purpose Expires
_ga This helps us count how many people visit the service by tracking if you’ve visited before 2 years
_gat Manages the rate at which page view requests are made 10 minutes
_gid Identifies you to the service 24 hours

To turn our introductory message off

You may see a pop-up welcome message when you first visit the service. We’ll store a cookie so that your computer knows you’ve seen it and knows not to show it again.

Name Purpose Expires
seen_cookie_message Saves a message to let us know that you’ve seen our cookie message 1 month

To store the answers you’ve given during your visit (known as a ‘session’)

Session cookies are stored on your computer as you travel through a website, and let the website know what you’ve seen and done so far. These are temporary cookies and are automatically deleted a short while after you leave the website.

Name Purpose Expires
connect.sid Carries details of your current session When you close your browser

To identify you when you come back to the service

We use authentication cookies to identify you when you return to the service.

Name Purpose Expires
__auth-token Identifies you to the service When you close your browser

To make the service more secure

We set cookies which prevent attackers from modifying the contents of the other cookies we set. This makes the service more secure and protects your personal information.

Name Purpose Expires
TSxxxxxxxx Protects your session from tampering When you close your browser
__state Identifies you to the service and secures your authentication When you close your browser

To measure application performance

We use Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform to provide an Application Performance Monitoring Service to collect information about how you use HMCTS services. We do this to monitor HMCTS services in order to resolve issues within our services as well as collect data on how our services can be improved. HMCTS store information about:

  • Site performance
  • Website usage
  • User behaviour

Information is presented within the Application Performance Monitoring service for the purposes detailed above. We do not use or share the information for any other purpose. We do not allow Dynatrace to use or share the information for any other purposes.

Name Purpose Expires
dtCookie Tracks a visit across multiple request Session end
dtLatC Measures server latency for performance monitoring Session end
dtPC Required to identify proper endpoints for beacon transmission; includes session ID for correlation Session end
dtSa Intermediate store for page-spanning actions Session end
rxVisitor Visitor ID to correlate sessions 1 year
rxvt Session timeout Session end